Business Practices


We accept Cash, Comchecks, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept Discover or American Express.

With snow plow products we require a 75% cash deposit up front and the balance is to be paid when the vehicle is picked up. All snow plow pricing includes our cash discount. Additional charges apply when using Visa or Mastercard.
We set up “Open” account privileges to our best clients, after we have established a good working relationship with your company, given you pay at the time the repair is completed. Once your companies credit checks out we will extend credit to you for repairs, making the balance due on the 10th of every month.

Warranties Explained

Carmichael Truck & Automotive Service, Inc., (Carmichael Truck & Auto), extends a 90 day warranty on all labor only. This is a “craftsmanship” warranty from us to you on our work, installations, and repairs. We also will provide a parts warranty based on whatever the part manufacturer offers. We only use quality parts at Carmichael Truck & Auto.

Carmichael Truck & Auto does not manufacture parts, our warranty is labor “craftsmanship” only and whatever the part manufacturer offers. This may or may not include labor for a part failure. If the part was installed correctly and a part fails then if the part manufacturer declines to pay the labor the client is responsible to pay Carmichael Truck & Auto to install the new warranted part.

Reminder: We are on your side. We have a lot of pull from the quality of parts we buy from our vendors. We will always submit a labor claim to the vendor of the failed part and when or if they pay we will gladly send you a check for the amount they paid.     David Carmichael

Carmichael Truck & Auto is not responsible for any losses to any vehicle (including items in vehicles) left in our possession for repairs or storage in case of fire, accidental, hail, storms, theft or any other natural or unforeseeable cause

Quality Assurance

At Carmichael Truck & Automotive Service, Inc. we want to earn your trust. We believe in excellence. Doing the job correct the first time. David Carmichael takes that a step farther and hired one experienced technician that only does Q/A - Quality Assurance inspections. After our technicians finish the repair, the vehicle goes to our Q/A guy for one last drive and inspection. The vehicle does not leave until it passes his inspection and he says the job is finished.     David Carmichael